At zeco, what we do is a bit different. We work in partnership with our customers, using our proprietary software platform to understand your energy data and make improvements that have a big impact.

We work to understand the challenges your business face and the best approach to making it more energy efficient. Our software allows us to understand your data and look at your energy use strategically.

But we don’t just stop at looking at your energy figures. We offer a next generation service which looks at your energy use strategically. We offer everything you need to:

Our team, your business

We like to think of ourselves as part of your team. We’re here not only to get the right technology in place to monitor your systems but also to share our expertise, make recommendations and keep you informed about changes in legislation. Anything to make your business more energy efficient.

It’s a service we offer to our customers and we’d love to work with you too.

How we work with you

Because we know that corporations have different needs to schools and academies, we offer a range of specialist services to meet the needs of different organisations. See what we offer for your business.