Why do you need to manage your energy? Simple: it affects the financial health of your business.

As energy costs continue to rise and new legislation is introduced, it has become more important for your business to reduce the amount of energy you use.

The rising costs of energy

You’re probably only too aware of the rising costs of energy bills. In fact, energy costs have nearly doubled in the last 6 years and more increases are on the way:

The rising cost of UK energy 2007-2020

£954 50
£1020 55
£1247 65
£1311 70
£1487 75
Energy inefficiency costs British businesses £6.3 billion a year
It’s not just rising energy costs – there’s also tax on non-renewable energy sources. The climate change levy (CCL) means that companies who don’t use renewable or co-generation schemes will face even higher costs.
Over 85% of businesses think energy costs and legislation are an issue. But less than 25% carry out regular reviews of their energy spend. (Source: RBS Natwest 2014)

How we can help

We offer a range of services that are matched to the needs of the business. We can help by:

Making your business more efficient

As well as cost savings, our services help you to
plan more effectively, save time and take control of your systems.

We work to ensure you have a rapid return on investment.

Find out how energy management could benefit your business. (link to Business benefits)

Complying with legislation

The environment has been an important issue for some time but now the pace and scope of UK and European legislation is increasing.

We know which legislation applies and can help you to comply.

See how energy legislation affects your business. (link to legislation)