Each organisation we work with is different ‒ and so is our solution for them. But each of them has seen huge benefits from working with us to make changes to the energy use:

Leading motor dealership in Northern England & Scotland

We installed our hardware and software to show where energy is used and to take control, delivering significant cost savings. Alongside many small but effective changes in energy use, we are working on renewable energy installation projects to apply the learnings across all their sites.


Installing zeco hardware led to a 20% reduction in energy usage within the first three months.

Further Services

Delivering a Solar photovoltaic (PV) project on a further site.

Applying Changes

The initial trial across three sites is being extended to all locations to deliver the best savings and efficiencies.

FTSE 250 international manufacturer

Working with trusted Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) installers, zeco managed a significant £500,000+ LED lighting project. zeco’s software provided the Measurement & Verification to demonstrate the improved energy efficiency and cost savings of the new lighting system in this high security, 24/7 manufacturing environment.


£3,046,924 net saving over 10 years.

Return on investment

1.32 years with a 498% return on investment over 10 years.

Carbon Saving

1,622 tonnes of CO2e saved each year.

Future Plans

zeco are working with the client to deliver on manufacturing productivity improvements.


We work with dozens of schools across the UK. This brief was a full one: reduce energy use, reduce carbon emissions, reduce maintenance costs, improve lighting quality, achieve a payback within 3 years and cause no disruption to the daily running of the school.

After analysing energy use, we identified that significant savings could be made by replacing lights with new LED systems.


£2,000 energy savings and £500 maintenance savings. The whole life savings will be £22,000.


We helped the school get Salix funding to give a government backed interest-free loan.

Cost Reclaim

The school was being charged the wrong VAT rate (20% not 5%), which also affected the amount of Climate Change Levy (CCL). The average savings are £20K across 4 sites.

Carbon Saving

9 tonnes per year, with a whole life saving of 135 tonnes.


Within our portfolio of customers we manage a number of public and private hospitals. We provided a full energy audit to identify any potential areas of improvement.

A range of projects and technologies have been recommended over a 2 year period, ranging from boiler optimisation and controls through to an LED replacement scheme and PV & Biomass installations.

Energy Saved

1,000.000 kilowatt-hours.

Carbon Saving

530 tonnes of carbon.

Return on Investment

Maximum 7 years.


£120k per year.