Data is at the heart of businesses – but energy data often lags behind.

Do you know:

  • How energy efficient your business is?
  • How much energy you use and where?
  • If your energy use is normal for your sector?
  • How to tackle your worst performing sites?

That’s where we come in.

Our service combines hardware, software & services to offer you a total solution. And we have experts in energy management who will guide you through the changes you could make to start seeing the savings.

Our hardware and software work together to make complex data simple.

Hardware to collect the data

We can work with your current energy supplier or we can collect data in real-time. This data shows where you’re using energy within your buildings. It’s often more detailed than what your meter shows, so we can help you make better decisions about where to make savings.

We can monitor:

  • Metering, sub-metering, distribution boards and circuits
  • Appliances and assets
  • Lighting
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Electricity, gas and oil
  • Machinery and productivity
  • Renewables: solar, biomass, CHP (combined heat and power) and air- and ground-source heat
  • Condition of building

Software to show where to make savings

Energy data in its raw form can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. We also find that many of our have data in many different systems.

Connecting your data

The first step for getting energy costs under control is to be able to view it all in one place, including linking into your Building Management System.

That’s what our software provides.

The old way

The old way

The zeco way

The old way
Using the data

Our software collects and processes your energy or bill data. The information you get is simple and actionable.

We can help you identify if:

  • Your usage is on the rise or falling
  • There is any unusual activity (e.g. high usage out-of-hours, sudden peaks)
  • You’re staying within your budget
  • It’s easy to stay on track as the software shows your performance against goals that we set.

Protecting your buildings

We can set alarms which are triggered if certain spend or usage levels are reached or your usage is ab
normal for the time of day. For example, if your water suddenly went up, you might have a leak. The software will trigger an email so you can check and prevent damage to the building.

Seeing the effect of changes

Having software in place means that you can get instant feedback on any changes you make. So you can see what’s working and where you still need to focus.

Services to get a complete view of your energy use

As well as using detailed information from our system, we’ll carry out site visits and building surveys to spot any issues and see where you could be more efficient. We’ll use the information to identify where you could make savings, including:

  • Auditing the data to see where the problems lie
  • Validating your bills, so you know you’re paying the right amount
  • Benchmarking your data so you can see if you’re using more energy than you should
  • Ensuring you’re compliant with the latest legislation

This is often where other companies stop

But that’s just the start of the journey for us – it’s only by making the right changes that you can fully realise the cost savings for your business.